The Rail Operating Center in Pantin defines a new urban typology: a logistic building in the very heart of the city, and a new Campus for the SNCF.

The Rail Operating Center in Pantin is part of EOLE, a massive infrastructure project led by SNCF – Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer français (the French National Railway), aimed at developing the regional railway network to the West. The Center will be in control of national and regional traffic. The building is also the first project of the future Ecoquartier, a new district for housing, public facilities and offices to be developed by 2030. The Pantin Rail Operating Center is therefore a complex and ambitious project. It will define a new urban model: a technical and logistics building, in the very heart of the city, a “Campus”, so to speak, that will house the signaling equipments and their operators, as well as all the offices managing the operating functions. The solution offered by SCAPE to this complex problem is based on a reference drawn from its Italian origins, the Renaissance Villa: an iconic building, defined by a walled enclosure housing a microcosm made of gardens, living and working areas. Those ‘ensembles’, once isolated, have merged over time with the city that was developing all around, and eventually became part of the urban fabric. The Rail Operating Center is an enclosed building, defined by a high stone wall around the entire perimeter of the plot. Inside, the building is animated by a sequence of patios, logistic areas, roof gardens, offices and, of course, the main areas related to the rail operations. Two golden-mesh buildings emerge from the dark stone wall creating a visual landmark, day and night. Despite the introverted nature of the building, all workspaces enjoy exterior views and natural light. To ensure a working environment as comfortable and functional as possible, SCAPE imagined a complex system of natural and artificial lights for the areas operating 24/7. The precious materials of the façades (the dark schist stone, the golden metal mesh) and the green roofs define the backdrop for the future eco-district and will make the new Rail Operating Center stand out in its urban environment.


SNCF Rail operating Center for the East-West Île-de-France Region: Control room, offices, training center, technical areas, green roofs, parking


Pantin – 93 (France)


SNCF Réseau – Direction de Projet EOLE – NExTEO


Architecture: SCAPE Architecture – Ludovica Di Falco with Francesco Marinelli.
Team: Mathilde Mouchel (Project Manager), Francesca Ungaro, Thomas Lemarchal
Structure engineer: AEDIS
MEP, environment engineering: DEERNS
Acoustics: ALTIA
Roads: LMP
Economy/Site coordination: BMF
Landscape: Après La Pluie


Restricted competition, Winning project
Project Design and site management




RT 2012; Green roofs for rainwater retention


2015 - 2021


GSF: 4,680 sq m
Data Center and technical rooms: 1,500 sq m


27,500,000 €


Luc Boegly, Alex Dahl