A compact built mass, a bright concrete architecture whose large floor-to-ceiling windows create the link between the ground and the sky

Porte des Lilas is a new district, located in the north-east of Paris. This new neighborhood, developed between 2010 and 2020, is aimed at redefining the identity of the Boulevard Périphérique (the city beltway): to transform this barrier in a unifying element between the city and its suburbs. The project site is in continuity with the green spaces of the Quartier Fougères, which opens new perspectives on Bagnolet, following on from a system of sports facilities and public spaces, in the very heart of redevelopment zone. The City of Paris Community Center comprises a Sports Center (gymnasium, climbing space, dojo), a Recreational Center with music studios and a Youth Rehabilitation Center. External playgrounds, both open air and covered, located above the Boulevard Périphérique and on the roof of the building, complete the latter The three facilities have a wide variety of uses and share the same ambition: to be a real landmark for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. In response to this heterogeneous program, the concept is to show a single, unique identity. The building is therefore characterized by a continuous facade of white GRC panels. The glass reinforced concrete allows the realization of big-scale elements up to 5.40m height: the minimization of the number of joints strengthens the feeling of uniqueness. Whilst the plan layout is very rigorous and maintains a clear separation between the different programs, the different activities live together in a constant game of visual relations. The gymnasium hall is at the heart of the project. It creates a relationship between the external playgrounds, the main entrance hall and the climbing wall. The city's ambitious environmental goals were achieved, mainly by adopting a radical siting decision, with a semi-buried gymnasium, to limit heat loss. The presence of natural light was ensured through a thorough study of the possibilities of direct and second day supplies. The high consumption of hot water associated with sports is offset by the installation of a Power Pipe recycling system. The installation of 300 sq m of photovoltaic panels on the roof completes the energetic balance of the building.


Sports Center, Recreational and Youth rehabilitation Center
External Playgrounds (open air and covered)


Porte des Lilas, Paris 20th (France)


Ville de Paris – Direction des Constructions Publiques et de l'Architecture


Architecture: SCAPE Architecture (Ludovica Di Falco, Francesco Marinelli, Alessandro Cambi and Paolo Mezzalama)
Team: Justyna Morawska, Ludovic Zacchi
Structural, MEP engineering, Cost survey: LGX
HQE: Franck Boutté Consultants
Acoustics: Altia


Competition – Winning Project
Project Design and Site Management


Plan Climat Ville de Paris (50 kWh/sq m)


2011 – 2014
Extension: 2021


SDP: 3,185 sq m
External playgrounds area: 2,000 sq m


10,800,000 €


The Plan Award 2015 Sport&Leisure Category
Giovane Talento dell'Architettura Italiana 2014


Francesco Mattuzzi